Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Team Issue

As a team, we have been extremely fortunate to find two sponsors who have been more than generous with us. Beverly Bike & Ski and Vee Pak, Inc. have been great to us all year long, never batting an eye or turning down a request, no matter how large.

This week saw the team recieve their new cycloross bikes courtesy of Paul at Beverly Bike & Ski. We will be racing the 2008 season on Cannondale's Optimo. So far it looks like these will be incredible bikes. Aggressive geometry, a stiff frame and a few component switches will ensure a few podium finishes for the boys from Beverly this fall. It looks as though these bikes can be built up into the 16 lb range, surely this can only help us build on last seasons successes.

The other important factor we will each be able to look forward to this fall will be the fact that we can each have a pit bike available to us now that we have the new bikes. Pit wheels is one thing, but having the option of taking a fresh bike half way through a muddy race should pay dividends. Also on order for most members for the fall will be 'cross skinsuits. While not a huge technical advantage, you can never be too comfortable. Too bad 'cross season is 102 days away, but who's counting right?

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morgan said...

may have been a 102 days away, but getting ready NOW!!!