Monday, July 21, 2008

Evanston Recap

Sunday was by far the most technical course that we have ridden so far this year. We were greeted with a six corner course that was still a bit wet when our race was supposed to start. The start was delayed over half an hour and at one point after having us lined up told us to take another lap which reshuffled every one's original position.

After clearing the course of emergency vehicles we were finally off, better late than never. The pace from the gun was fast and sketchy. Some of the corners were taken 5-6 riders wide with little care for the consequences. As the laps progressed we managed to coalesce into a 6 man team time trial. The team was really starting to steamroll the course and were picking up plenty of places until the race was stopped with 8 to go. After the riders were peeled off the pavement in the infamous BK Stacker, the race was lined up for a third time. The break was given back their 20 second time gap and then the field was let loose to chase the rabbit.

Our plan going into the second half of the race was to continue the time trial and keep picking off riders as we settled into a comfortable working group. This was not to come to fruition however. I set the tempo for the first half lap, then when I looked over my shoulder for a bit of help, noticed our group had been infiltrated by several other teams. Our group eventually consisted of Joe, Sergio, Paul, Clark, Jorge and myself with a few Triple X'ers mixed in. Joe and I took the lion share's of the work while Sergio briefly bridged to a group ahead of us. At this point we aggressively attacked the course as we learned the best line through each corner. Coming down the final straight Joe found himself on the front with his nose in the wind. I sat on the wheels of the X'ers in the group and waited for their jump. With only about a block to go no one was really winding up their sprint yet, so I took the opportunity to get a jump on the group. My sprint went well and I only had one X'er come past me, I believe Joe came in next followed by Sergio, Clark, Jorge and Paul. While we finished mid pack we still managed to ride a good strong race and personally I am satisfied with my results.

The next race saw more of the same action as ours. Big Jim was our only rider in the race and he paid the price of having no help. Once again the race was stopped after Jeff Holland (xXx) took turn 4 a bit too wide and made contact with a barrier. Due to time constraints, the race was restarted with only 5 laps to go, and the pace proved to high for our man Jim. The field was splintered from the five lap drag race and Skip Fotland (NorthBranch Cycling) easily took the win, Jim being content to finish mid pack.

While our results weren't great, we lived to race another day and managed to avoid all the mayhem out on the course. Next stop, Whitnall Road Race on Wednesday

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