Monday, July 28, 2008

An important message from El Presidente: AKA: El Capitan

I would like to take a moment to reflect on our team and how far we have come. Last year around this time the team was just a thought. We did not have enough riders to field a team. Tony and I were brainstorming with the Beverly Bike shop to come with team structure and basic mechanics of the team. Damon then stepped up and it started shaping up nicely. I remembered racing against Paul Morrison and asking him if he would be interested in joining the team. As it turned out, he also represented VeePak Inc. which turned out to be the co-sponsor of the team. We started getting to work and making connections and soon we had Spinergy, SRAM, and of course Cannondale.
We were on our way and to get things started we kicked off our season with a cyclocross training ride. It was the coldest day of the year negative 10 degrees below zero but we all showed up to participate and promote it which gave us the first sign that our team was tight.
The next big race was the Hillsboro Roubaix. Once again the team came together and headed down state to kick off our first race together. The team was unified and becoming stronger. Our team was officially baptized by finishing a challenging course and realizing the amount of training that still needed to be accomplished.
As a team we have had some highlighted moments. Who can remember my surprise finish at Vernon Hills? How about Joe’s podium finish for coming in fourth at the ABR Crit Nationals in Winfield and Sergio’s 6th place finish just barely missing the podium. Tony’s 3rd place finish at Olympia Fields and his 1st place win at Bensenville. We all have seen Jorge’s consistent hard work. Damon has provided a lot of information about the team on his insightful blog and also providing the team to host a leg of the Chicago Time Trial series. Danny’s excellent mechanic skills and his positive attitude. Paul feeling “ready to race again”. Rich and Fat Tony’s return to the team and Jim’s steady riding. How about Clark’s half lap lead at Olympia Fields and then his crash due to a screw missing from his shoe. We have our team mechanic Clark, and you work for the Bike shop. And our newest member Bob our time trial expert. These are just a few of our moments, there are still more to come.
I would personally like to thank every member of our team that has made this season successful so far. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and training, your loyalty and devotion and the sacrifices you and your families make. It has not gone unnoticed. And remember You Guys are the team and I am proud to ride, train and race with all of you. Let’s start getting ready for CYCLOCROSS.


Jeff and Debi said...

You guys have a come a long way this season. Keep up the good work.

Are guys all riding the 4A's in CX, or is anyone moving up to the 3's?

BBVP said...

jeff eventhough we have enough races to cat up we don't have the results so we're going to start in the 4A. just to let you know on the south side at dan ryan woods we will be having training rides with barriers and a 3-4 story hill twice a week real soon. everybody is invited shoot us your email for more info if you think anybody would be interested hopoe you're healing well tony

Jeff and Debi said...

Sounds good. We have a few Southsiders on the team who race Mtn/CX, and a few others like myself who would make the trek down for the occasional training session.

jeff /at/ hollandemail /dot/ net