Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its Official!

The reults are now posted and complete for the Illinois Cycling Associations Illinois Cup Series and our man Elvis Falbo has won the Masters 30+ 4-5 category for the 2008 road season.

While he did not race all of the ten races in the series, the 5 races that he did compete in he scored valuable points. Perhaps his biggest achievement of the season came early when he took his first victory at the 2nd Annual Vernon Hills Grand Prix. It was in fact this win that secured his place in the overall. Initially the ICA had recorded his points as a Masters 40+ 4-5, not the 30+ like it should have. This oversight would have placed him 4th overall. However a bit of detective work and a few emails later and Elvis was back at the top of the standings where he belonged.

Congratulations go out to both Elvis and the team for this great achievement in just our first year of racing.

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emc8o8 said...

I want to thank our sponsors, my team and most of all my family for all their support this season. Looking forward to next year!