Monday, December 8, 2008

What Goes Into A Season

I was curious what it takes for a small team like ours to wage a successful season of both road and 'cross racing. The results were staggering to say the least. All numbers are approximate but pretty close.

Number of Races entered: over 200
Entry Fees: $5600+
Top 20 Finishes: 68
Top 10 Finishes: 15
Podiums: 7
Miles Driven To Races: 16,604
Miles Training: 145,600
Bicycles Raced: 38
Wheelsets used: 53
Tires: 80
Inner Tubes: 100
Cassettes: 65
Chains Broken: 4
Short Sleeve Jerseys: 49
Long Sleeve Jerseys: 13
Shorts: 32
Gloves: 39
Hats: 28
Socks: 50
Helmets: 23
Energy Gel: 400
Energy Bar: 200
Energy Drink: 75 gallons
Water: 375 gallons

I am sure the list could go on and on and on. Once I started figuring out how much time and effort has gone into this little thing we call bike racing I was absolutely floored. For the thirteen of us to race, just in 2008 it cost nearly $70,000. Are you kidding me? And I am sure I missed something somewhere.

Our 2008 season would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors, Beverly Bike and Ski and Vee Pak, Inc., SRAM, Cannondale and Spinergy.
More importantly though our season would not have been possible without the love and support from our biggest fans, our families. Without them allowing us the time to train and race none of what we accomplished in just a few short months would have been possible. While none of us will ever be champions in the true sense of the word, our families have given us the opportunity to chase our dreams. What we do on a regular basis may seem ridiculous to someone not familiar with cycling, but for those involved, especially the athlete that pushes to their breaking point day in and day out for even the smallest bit of glory, the sacrifice does not go unnoticed. From sacrificing on a personal level, to making ones family sacrifice their precious time, none of this is lost on the cyclist. We do battle with our bodies, with our bikes, with our heads and with our commitments in order to fulfill a dream. For every cyclist from every team, we appreciate what those around us do so that we can race our bikes. From the new Cat 5 down to the best Cat 1, we are all thankful for the support that is provided to us year in and year out.

To all those that look to this blog as a source of information or inspiration, or for any other reason, I thank you. This has been an incredible year, and while 2009 will bring new and exciting challenges, I know that BBVP will step up to meet those challenges head on and conquer them. From the rolling roads of Hillsboro, to Michigan Ave downtown, to the hills of St. Charles and the roads of Wisconsin we will give it our best, no matter the result. I know this to be true because I have shared hours upon hours with those men that I call my teammates, and I know that each one has the heart, and soul, and drive to not only fight for something that is important to him, but also important to the team. That is the essence of a team, the quest towards a common goal, the unrelenting drive forward to create something that is unique and exceptional. I am grateful to call these men my friends and I am grateful that we can achieve something together that makes the team stronger and greater than any of its individual components.


Ray said...

I check in on this site every so often -I'm a local rider(and have a mutual friend -Mike Seguin) I enjoy the commentary, and this latest post - particularly the sharing of the comaraderie and passion for the sport and all that goes with it is great.

Anonymous said...

This was a great season for all of you - we're all proud of Beverly Vee Pak!

Looking forward to a new season of continued fan and other support for your team!