Sunday, August 23, 2009


A healthy dose of penance was served today by all of those who attended Church in Western Springs. The parcours offering was nothing less than spectacular and brutal at the same time with every element typical of 'cross thrown in. Each lengthy lap included gravel pathways, singletrack, off-camber grassy hills, barriers, asphalt, a 50 degree run-up, mud, sand and lots of pain. With no real extended power sections, there was hardly any chance to recover before coming upon the next element. Laps were completed in about 10 minutes with a total of 5 laps for over 50 minutes of racing. And while they may not be sanctioned events, the pace is nothing less than all out.

Between 25 and 30 zealots took part in this mornings service, and at times I found myself praying out loud to God in an effort to make the pain stop. Truthfully after settling in once the initial sorting out of the first lap and half, things starting coming together. My breathing became rythmic and the legs found a comfortable cadence. I attacked the course, sprinting out of each corner and mustered as much power as I could on the flats. I have to admit that I was rather demoralized when Ted rode up the run-up that some were having trouble with on their feet.

I look forward to the next assembly of parishioners in a few weeks, although I do propose that a tithe be collected and some catering ordered of waffles, frites and mayo! What good is a church service without the Sunday brunch afterwards?

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