Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second Annual Team Camp in Carbondale

When I heard about BBVP's annual trip (OK, so it was ONLY the second year) to sunny Carbondale, Illinois, I jumped at the chance. And since it just ended mere hours ago as I write this, it did have its ups (Duuude...) and downs (DUDE!):

Duuude...: I got to drive down with the soon-to-be 2011 Indiana State Champion!
DUDE!: I didn't think he would appreciate Slayer, so I kept the tunes to Van Halen and Social Distortion.

Duuude...: The house/cabin/cottage, whatever ya wanna call it, was amazing. Enough mattresses for all nine of us and a large TV for the NCAA tournament games.
DUDE!: Thanks for the fresh air, Brian, but the 29 degree weather pouring from the window was a bit too much for my sleeping bag.

Duuude...: Jimmy H. setting up the nutrition for the first riding day and Corey the Eagle scouting the roads in and around the Shawnee National Forest.
DUDE!: Cloudy, 40 degrees, and The Wall in Makanda.

Duuude...: The guys let me stop at the liquor store for refreshments for the evening.
DUDE!: The map watching on various smartphones told us that Friday's riding was in jeopardy.

Duuude...: Said beverages helped me sleep.
DUDE!: The weekend was cancelled because of the snow, ice, wind, falling temps, and we all left on Friday.

Duuude...: Got to join members of the CFD team, Tony, and Bob for a spirited ride Sunday morning.
DUDE!: Have to wait 361 days for next year's camp. Tom, my check is in the mail.

Yeah, a bummer when you look at it on the surface; but for this BBVP member the conversation, laughs, burning legs, reruns of Seinfeld and NCAA basketball rules that I had to explain to Corey the Eagle, invaluable riding/eating tips, and team comeraderie is something that will elicit a "Duuude..." from me whenever I look back at it. Thanks, team!


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Ray said...

Sorry about the weather. Who would have thought it might have been cold with snow in March ;). Lookin forward to hooking up with you fellow south siders for a few rides this season. Allez!