Sunday, May 15, 2011

Serfas Sunglasses 2011 BBVP Sponsor

2011 Sponsor Serfas


I want to take this opportunity to announce another great sponsor for 2011. Of course no one can top our team sponsors Beverly Bike and Ski and Vee Pak, Inc. . Serfas optics has decided to sponsor us. The team has had the pleasure of using these great glasses in 2009. They are top quality at a very affordable price. How many times have you thrown down $100 for a set of Oakley’s or Rudy Project’s and just lose them at race or crashed and totally destroyed them. Well for less than half the price you can have the same quality and a company that backs their product.
Last year, Tony was at race and crashed go figure, right? Anyway, of course he doesn’t break any bones but the glasses didn’t make it. He asked me about it and I told him you’re SOL. I also told him check with the bike shop. The shop called Serfas direct and they said they would cover it. That’s pretty good of Serfas to back their product. We made the right choice and BB/VP is sticking with Serfas for the 2011 race season. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!!

These are the glasses I have.

(picture upper right)
(H.O.T.) Helmet Optimized Temples reduce Helmet interference

Each Model comes with 4 sets of Interchangeable Lenses

Infinite bend temples to customize fit

Extra nose pads included

Furnished with EVA hard case and micro fiber bag

RX compatible clip in frame included

(pictured top left)
Each Model Comes With 4 Sets of Interchangeable Lenses

(H.O.T.)Helmet Optimized Temples Reduce Helmet Interference

TR-90- Frame Construction For Extreme Durability

Decentered Polycarbonate Lens Technology

Soft Elastomer Nose Pads and Temple Inserts

Metal Side Panels

Designed for Smaller Faces

Separate Polorized and Photochromic Lenses Available
Serfas sunglasses

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