Monday, January 12, 2009

You Asked For It

Chicago area cyclists finally have what they all have been asking for, a forum dedicated to anything cycling related in the area. The Chicago Cycling Forums were created by Waylon Janowiak and includes topics such as cyclocross, Super Week and the velodrome. Look for CCF to quickly become the hub of cycling information, as well as a networking site for area cyclists and racers alike. Great, now I have another site in which to waste even more time...I mean devote to researching cycling.

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J/tati said...

I certainly agree that there's a need for more than the private team web forums and CBR comments and blogs like yours... and I wish Waylon luck with the new site, but I was kind of hoping that Leah's Chainlink website would catch on to fill this void. It's well done and although not explicitly focused on racing, does have several industry/team management types on it as well as maybe a hundred racers.

But ultimately, if this new site works out -- I'm sure folks will follow.