Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Smut With Your Cycling News

God bless the folks over at Pez Cycling News for including their take on smut called Daily Distractions. I was just introduced to Pez Cycling recently and felt that I should spread the word. Now when you are surfing the net and net a little smut to brighten your day simply click on and scroll down to the "Daily Distractions" button. Included so far this season have been female racers, podium girls, random girls at Spring Classics and if you send in a picture of your wife, you get a free pair of Pez Cycling News socks! And if your wife happens to catch you looking at smut just let her know that you are keeping up to date about the world of cycling. The entire world of cycling.

A Tuesday Night in Matteson

The SCW Tuesday Night Training Series was officially kicked off last night, and unlike last week the weather cooperated with us this time. It was great to roll into the parking lot and see familiar faces, many of whom haven't been seen since last year. After doing a few warm up laps the entire field of more than 100 riders gathered in memory of Pieter Ombregt (xXx Racing). Brian Boyle (xXx Racing) said some kind and inspiring words as everyone held hands, after a moment of silence we then proceeded to ride a silent memorial lap.

And while it was the first nite of the season, the racing was relatively calm and crash free. Obviously there were some new riders out, but the racing was cordial if not even relaxed. We had a good showing last nite with 8 riders showing up including Elvis, Brian, Joe, Dan, Sergio, Jim, Jorge and myself. Elvis and Brian raced the A's while everyone else settled into the B group. The pace was typically fast and a couple of the guys got shot out the back, but hey thats what free laps are for right? If anything, it showed who has been putting in the miles with consistency this spring. As the season progresses we should start to learn each others strengths and weaknesses which will allow us to work together better as a team. Where else does $7 allow you to have so much fun?