Monday, June 15, 2009

Cold, Wet and Fun!!!!

As for Sherman Park Saturday, It was cold, wet and suckie. But I did not want to let the team down and I was committed to work for the team since it is not a Illinois cup race. I told the team I was going for primes because I had to leave before 11:30 and would help them out anyway they needed it. It was pouring rain. The first prime went out, it was a lone attack. I attacked and no one chased. I felt pretty good by the time I got to the attacker, by then another rider blasted by. I was going to jump on his wheel, but I thought better to save it. The second prime came around and it was for a bottle of chardonnay. I wanted to get this one bad because my wife was graduating with her Masters in Nursing from Rush University that afternoon and I thought it would be a great gift for her; ironically we do not drink. (By the way I want to do a SHOUT OUT to her for letting me race that morning!! You're the Best!!) I went to the front of the pack to mark anyone who would attack; I thought this would be the best place to keep an eye out for anyone who would attack. I think a xxx guy was near but my vision was so obscured from the rain and my glasses were fogging up. As he took off I jumped on his wheel immediately with no problem. As he starting surging I figured this was the time to go, there was a slight up hill and I felt strong enough to take it to the finish line. I felt someone on my left which put me in a panic. I really dug deep when I passed the finish line I heard the announcer call my number and Beverly Bike. I was very pleased. After I passed the finish line I looked left to see who dared contest me on this one and it turned out to be Bob Murray from my team. I asked him “Bob, what are you doing, I did not know it was you” He said “I am just countering any attack to make sure you get this prime” Thanks for the backup Bro! I knew you had my back. I just did not know you were behind me. As for the third and final prime, Tony and I were strategizing and Tony mentioned he wanted it. I told him “no problem I will lead you out and give you everything I got.” As I started to lead him out, he said more. I tried to give it more and I seen him come around my left side to early. I noticed there was a guy on his wheel. I warned him that someone was on his wheel. I had more to give but by then they were already around me. Sorry Bro, next time I will give you a stronger lead out from the get go. The final lap which was right after the prime was a make or break it. If you contested that prime chances were that you knocked yourself out of the final. I slipped back into anonymity and finished dead last. I do not feel bad because my mission was to help the team in any way I could and winning the prime for my wife was an added bonus!!! One other thing…. Sergio.. make sure you know what team you are on, Bro!!
I would like to congratulate everyone on the team for a job well done and the junior team Alex. We made a strong presence. Tony, Bob, Jorge, Sergio: Good Work Guys!!