Sunday, April 27, 2008

Race Smart

Here is to hoping that everyone has a safe season this year. Keep the rubber side down, watch your line and remember your actions can impact the other riders around you. A bone head move all by yourself only hurts you, a bone head move at the front of a 50 man field can hurt the 49 riders behind you.

The Words of Phil Liggett

Everyone who races knows his voice. Phil Liggett has spoken perhaps some of the most poetic phrases ever heard when describing what cyclists do on their bikes. My favorite of all time has to be "he is going to have to dig deep into his suitcase of courage" when referring to Marco Pantani trying to hold Armstrong's wheel in the 99 TdF. What is your favorite "Liggett-ism? Send me your favorite phrase he has spoken on the air and I will compile a list of them here for everyone to read.