Sunday, March 29, 2009


SWEET, that’s how I can sum it up. In my opinion, it’s a grate venue to hold a crit race. It has great facilities, and a nice closed field. I will be doing any races held there.

Now to the breakdown of the Cat 5 Race. We started out with 47 riders, into a nice crosswind. The field seamed to be relatively calm for the most part. We did have some solo riders try and make a brake in the first few laps, but the field played it smart and let them go up the road a bit so they could die in the wind. With about 4 laps to go, I decided to accelerate into the wind on the back section of the course to see if anyone would come up. I did get 2 of the stronger riders in the field to come up, but I felt like we needed one more to make a legitimate run on the field. I talked to both guys and we agreed to sit up and wait on the field.

In the last lap I was still feeling pretty good, I was sitting mid pack trying to conserve my energy for the sprint. It was a smart Idea at the time, but it didn’t work out. I got pinned in on the back straightaway, and I couldn’t get out in enough time to keep the wheels of the front pack. Now I got stuck in No mans land by myself. I had a gap on the riders behind me, but I was unable to fight them off. One of the riders nipped me at the line taking 10th Pl. I had to settle for 11th. I look at it as just another valuable lesson learned.



The forecast looked grim, they were predicting rain and sleet at noon, the exact time of the 4/5 masters race start. As I was driving to Joe’s, the winds seem to pick up more and more. Knowing the course from last year, I knew this would be a factor. After finally picking up Joe we headed to South Beloit for a cold gear wearing race. When we arrived we immediately noticed the cold wind and neither of us wanted to change into our cycling gear, let alone race. Tony and Bob were huddled together in their heated up SUV. We quickly went to registration to get our numbers and Joe was told he was not registered. I had registered him online and I had a confirmation number but they insisted he was not registered so he was placed on a waiting list for the 4/5 elite race. Thank the cycling gods due to the amount of no shows he was able to get in. Just a reminder make sure you bring your print out to races to avoid these types of situations.

Tony, Bob, Sergio and myself lined up for the 4/5 Masters. This was a 35 minute race in near freezing weather with gusts of 15-20 mph winds. It started off pretty calm but the second to the last turn with the gusty winds to our backs, the peloton would just launch itself every time. We were hitting speeds of 30-35 mph before the final turn. I was really working hard and it was taking its toll on me. Fortunately, I was able to recover quickly enough. Tony and I tried to stay at the front and worked in and out; mixing things up. I was feeling good and kept my sights on the front. We were down to the second to the last lap and Bob takes off. I latched on his wheel feeling that this might go someplace. The final lap around, Bob pulls to the side and leaves me with a lap to go at the front of the pack. I quickly waved in the guy behind me to pull through and just as I thought no one came through. I was stuck here and I had to make the best of it. I held my position in the top 5 coming into that second to last turn. I was maxed out and I could see the attacks coming up for the final turn. I had to dig deep and hold my position. I dropped down to 20th and saw Tony a few spots ahead of me. Thank god the finish line came. In a nutshell: To Much to Soon! Overall we had a blast. Joe hung in around 30th and Sergio brought up the rear. Good job but we need to focus on Tactics 101 to strategize better.
By the way we finished in the nick of time. It started to rain and with little pieces of ice falling. Good luck, cat. 1,2!

I would like to thank the teammates that came out today (Tony, Joe, Bob, and Sergio) and invite all our team to come out and race. Thanks Nikki for your sandwiches and support. I am looking forward to a GREAT season with the team.