Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So why do we ride our bikes? Why do we spend time away from our families? Why do we suffer when we should be having fun? We do it because we are chasing a dream. We do it because we know deep down that this is what the PRO's do. They suffer in silence just like we do. They put in the long lonely hours, just like we do. If going out and putting in the time and effort brings me a little bit closer to being PRO, then that is what I will do. If putting in all the hard work brings me just a small bit of glory, then it is all worth it.

If suffering on a long cold group ride together with my team helps me to better understand how each of us thinks, then I will do it. Teams are made of individuals that bring different things to the equation, and in doing so they make the team a better, stronger, more cohesive unit. Maybe someone is a talented bike handler that can passa long tips or techniques. Maybe someone is a great mechanic, or a tactician that understands the nature and nuances of the sport. Whatever it is every person on the team adds something special. Something that cannot be pinpointed, but would be missed if it were taken away. Perhaps the most important element that someone can add to a team is that of a motivator. And in a way we are all motivators of those around us. The rider becomes accountable to the team without words being spoken. None of us wants to let our teammates down in the crux of a race, and so we get on our trainers or rollers and put in the time and effort required.

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Asked For It

Chicago area cyclists finally have what they all have been asking for, a forum dedicated to anything cycling related in the area. The Chicago Cycling Forums were created by Waylon Janowiak and includes topics such as cyclocross, Super Week and the velodrome. Look for CCF to quickly become the hub of cycling information, as well as a networking site for area cyclists and racers alike. Great, now I have another site in which to waste even more time...I mean devote to researching cycling.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well it's been 3 weeks without riding. Time to get back into the swing of things seeing there is only 3 months untill Hillsboro. With some team goals set, there we were in Elvis' basement. First for some leg isolations. With a whole lot of clunking on the upstoke going on, it really didn't sound like any progress was being made. But even the clunking is better than being off the bike any longer. So that's where we are now. An hour worth of some moderate tempo intervals with some sore butts to follow. Tony