Friday, January 4, 2008

More Good News for 2008

So far 2008 has gone pretty well for the Beverly Bike-Vee Pak, Inc. Racing Team. While we haven't actually competed we have had some victories.

The first was being recognized by USAC as a team. To do this we had to host either a race or a non-competitve ride. We chose to host a cyclocross training ride at the Dan Ryan Woods on February 10th. Hopefully there won't be any snow on the ground, otherwise we may have to fight off a bunch of 8 year olds with sleds!

We also recieved a sponsorship deal from SRAM! While we won't be riding the RED Group in 2008, it does look like we will all have the Force Carbon groups on our bikes. Ed and Jose from SRAM came out to the shop one Thursday evening and put on quite a presentation. They brought one of their neutral support bikes, all 3 gruppos and a few other toys for us to play with. Needless to say, we were like a bunch of kids in a candy shop.

While the deal is still in the works, it looks like we may have also secured Spinergy as a sponsor as well. It is a bit too early to say for sure, but things are definately rolling along with them. We also recieved word that SIBEX Sports would sponsor us for our 'cross season. Apparently, if you just ask people are willing to give you stuff. Who knew? As of today, our sponsors now include: Beverly Bike and Ski, Vee Pak, Inc., Cannondale, SRAM, and SIBEX. Now if we could only find a sponsor for seat posts and handlebars, looks like I have a little more work to then.

Once the team hears from Spinergy, we will also be placing our order for our team kit from Champion System. The kit should arrive in time for our first race of the year which will be Hillsboro-Roubaix.

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