Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Since there is a very good chance I will never actually be PRO, I figured the next best thing I could was to look PRO. Not to mention the fact that in about about a month we will have 8 identical team bikes. The Cannondales should be getting out of production soon, and the SRAM gruppos will only take about a week to get here.
Now if we could only get Pro-Lite to send us seat posts, stems, handlebars, and cages. Looks like we have a few more phone calls to make! If you'd like to get a set of your own PRO quality frame stickers check out http://www.vcgraphix.com/


emc8o8 said...

Hey prima dons,
How about showcasing the rest of the team!

emc8o8 said...

i mean prima-dona!!!