Monday, January 14, 2008

Team Kits Only 2 Weeks Away

Some of you may have noticed a new logo at the top of our page, at least I hope you have. It was created for us by Eric Nelson from Mango Design. This new logo will be used for new items in 2008 including T-shirts, event posters, and banners. We tried to have the logo placed on the arm warmers, leg warmers, and booties but were notified by Champion System that we were too far along in the production process. Too far along? We just submitted the order a few days ago. Well it turns out that all the fabric has already been cut and they are in fact in the middle of producing our order. What does this mean for everyone? We could possibly see our new team kits before the end of January! At the very least we will definately have them for the Feb. 10th Cyclocross Event at Dan Ryan Woods


morgan said...

Good to hear. The new logo looks great. Congrats Eric!

clmac said...

just hang on to my kit until i get back in may