Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beverly Bike-Vee Pak to host CTTS Stage

I learned a long time ago that if you want to see change, you must be change. So with that philosophy in mind Beverly Bike-Vee Pak, Inc. Racing Team has signed on to host the Willow Springs Stage of the Chicago Time Trial Series on June 15th. As a team we will be responsible for course set up, corner marshalling, timing, as well as registration and scoring.

The Chicago Time Trail Series is an exciting new series for the 2008 season put together by Steve Hansen from North Branch Cycling. The series will consist of 6 30k individual TT's throughout the Chicago area. Riders will be scored in each race based on their finishing times, and an overall series winner will be announced at the culmination of the series in August. The CTTS is currently working on sponsors for the series to help pay for the prize purses as well as merchandise sponsors.

The goals of the series are to increase the exposure of perhaps the most difficult cycling discipline in a new and unique way. The CTTS hopes to build a start house with a ramp such as seen in big European stage races. Also, because the series will be a USAC sanctioned series, valuable upgrade points will also be available.

If you have never done an individual TT then 2008 is year for you! The CTTS will have races every month from April through August. For info check out

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Greg Heck said...

Unfortunately, I do not think TT’s count towards upgrade points. They must be mass start events. Just wondering, what roads are planned to be used for the Willow Springs TT?