Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Tough Are You?

We have all crashed at some point either racing or training. And with the exception of broken collarbones, most of just just manage to lose some skin. We have also seen or even been that guy that finishes the race with blood streaming from an open knee or elbow. Let me introduce you to quite possibly the toughest PRO of 2008, Linus Gerdeman from High Road. During the ITT at last weeks Tirreno-Adriatico Linus crashed hard. Sure, he was bloody and a little dazed, but he climbed back on a new bike and finished the stage. Upon crossing the finish line, Linus collapsed where he was attented to by medical personnel. Turns out he had more than a few cuts and scrapes, he actually broke his femur in 2 places, as well as torn ligaments in his knee! He was flow to a hospital in Germany where he underwent surgery. Here is the best part though, he plans on being ready for the Tour in July, now how tough is that?

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