Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Bensenville had those two tricky turns from parking lots to street. Day one seemed like it was all out for all the races. In the 4/5 with 7 laps to go around an easy left turn half the lead pack went down. Unfortunately Clark and Elvis were behind the crash and were not able to bridge the gap. Credit goes to Joe and Jorge who worked good together in the back and this was with Joe riding on a leaky tire which he did not pit for. Results:16th Clark, 17th Elvis, 25th Jorge Maters 4/5 result: 18th Jim

Day two was our moment of glory. May we ride the positive karma wave for a while! It seemed like the pace was a little more tame than day one, but there was the Xers with flier after flier. With 3 left a Half Acre went on a flier and stayed out until the bell lap when he was caught then Tony attacked and was able to hang on for the victory in front of the gentelmanly Nate from xXx by 4 bike lenghts. Masters 4/5 Jim played it cool the whole time with team Mack and the Xres doing all of the work coming in 9th with little effort at all.

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