Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Geat Start To SuperWeek

The residents and fans that braved the heat and humidity last night were treated to a spectacular kick off to SuperWeek. The pace was high from the first lap, and those caught off guard were quickly shot out the back. The race also made quite a few men richer last night with primes offered every few laps, my guess being that a few thousand dollars were given away in primes alone. Rahsan Bahati (Rock Racing) took advantage of the veritable ATM at the finish line and collected his fair share of primes himself. Meanwhile, Sterling Magnell (Rock Racing) was working the group that he was in, and taking advantage of the primes as well. Since the entire course was wired with a PA system, the two Rock Racing teammates were able to cheer for one another as their prime wins were announced even though they were seperated by half a lap.

Eventually a ten man break formed and lapped the field, causing a bit of confusion everytime the came as you weren't sure if you were looking at the leaders or not. In the end it came down to two sprints, one for the break and the second for what remained of the decimated field. The first sprint was for 11th, and Rahsan Bahati easily took that, then about a minute later the field came charging with Sterling Magnell just pipping local boy Chad Hartley from Jittery Joes.

As for us, BBVP had a great time highlighting a great race and great neighborhood. Our sponsors, Beverly Bike & Ski and Vee Pak, Inc. truly made this a spectacular race to be remembered for years to come. We would also like to thank all the other individuals and organizations that helped to make the race possible especially BAPA. Finally, a last big thank you goes out to all the volunteers that gave up their evening to help ensure a safe and succesful event. See you all next year!

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