Saturday, August 16, 2008

'Cross Training Tip

This is why you need to lace up your running shoes now and start working on your running skills. With several new courses this year, the Chicago Cyclocross Cup may be throwing a bit more running at us then previous years. You don't want to find out race day that the most difficult section of the course is on foot, so make running an integral part of your training this year.

In my opinion, working running drills into your 'cross routine will make you not only faster on foot, but also on the bike. The high intensity needed to hoof it up the run ups balances nicely with the high intensity work outs required to be competetive in 'cross. Running also has the added benefit of helping to correct some of the muscle imbalance that most cyclists are prone to by building the hamstrings. Plus at this point in the season, long endurance rides are no longer necessary. And the short intense efforts required for 'cross are a nice break from the monotony of grinding out long miles on the road.

So get out to your favorite park this weekend, preferably one with a run-up of some sort or even a sand volleyball pit and spend some time on your feet. These are the last crucial weeks before the longest and most most competetive 'cross season we have ever had in the Chicago area. Time spent running now will pay dividends in the upcoming weeks as you are able to trot past those who didn't feel the need to cross train.

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