Tuesday, October 7, 2008


On behalf of all BBVP, I want to thank Damon for keeping everybody up-to-date about our goings on. It's a compliment to him and us when somebody comes up and asks "who is your main blogger?" To all those people who read these passages, we thank you. We may not be the best riders but we are passionate about what we do and have a true commitment to the sport and our teammates. This also extends to our sponsors, Beverly Bike and Ski and VeePak, Inc. Is there another team out there who in our cat has team bikes? Also, in our first year of existance, our sponsors have supported not just 1, but 3 major cycling events: the kick-off of Super Week, the Willowbrook leg of the Chicago Time Trial Series, and a race in the Illinois Road Race Championship. If, from what you have been reading interests you, come on out or drop us a line. Even if you're on another team and need a change of scenery or different guys to train with, we would love to have you. Come out and see what the South Side has to offer!


Anonymous said...

I am continually impressed by the sense of community you have built not just among your teammates, but also their family members. Great job!

emc8o8 said...

Our blog rocks! Thanks D, Keep up the strong work on and off the bike. E