Monday, November 3, 2008


Like Mike Seguin said, if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all. Seeing as how I made so many blunders I can remember what I was thinking quite vividly. Here's what went through my head:

The 1st lap: Not too bad about 15 in front of me. Could have been better if the guy in front of me clipped in faster. There's Damon, good start. Too wide before first barrier. There's Scott from the Pony Shop, I at least have to catch him. Come on Max (Cuttin Crew) get back up. Damn, snagged my shorts over the double barrier, remount, lose 2 spots. Too much traffic on the off camber, dismount. After the 360 turn and twists POWER UP. Whoa, Watch out for that slower rider, lost momentum. now POWER UP. I hope I have enough gear for the back end.

Second lap: Max just passed me. How effortless did that look? Damon's just in front of me and Scott just passed him. Through the 360, now POWER UP. Damon's got the line on the transition from the gravel to the grass. Stay on the gravel, power. Got past him.

Third lap: Heart rate 191, nothing out of the ordinary. Chew the gum. Mouth not too dry yet. Through the off camber section. Bad line. Do I correct? No, just go right through the tape. Good I didn't get tangled. Through the 360. POWER UP. There's Scott I almost got him. Turning from gravel back to grass. What just happened? I can't believe I just went down. Too hot on the turn. Lose at least 2places. Damon passes me shouts encouragement. Feels like my heart is beating out of my chest.

Fourth lap: Just passed the start finish. Hear something coming from the bike, don't see anything. Stop tippy toeing up the hill. Big steps. Be careful around the off camber with that noise. Back section. There's the problem. The front wheel is wobbling, hitting the brake shoe every rotation. Stop at the start finish, no there's only one more lap. Oh great there's 2 more.

Fifth lap: I hope the wheel doesn't come off the fork. Run the off camber. after uphill on grass to down hill pavement. POP! There goes the front tire. Time to take it easy. Run around the 360. Get heckled for running. Now they see I have a flat. Back half. There's Jorge and Bob. "Hey I need a bike!" Did they hear me?

Last lap: OK, how does this bike exchange work again? Not too bad of a transition. Thanks guys. Who's bike am I on? Jorge's. POWER. We'll see how his tires work. Triple X right behind me. POWER. Last barrier Tiple X says "Lets do this" No way is he passing me. What just happened? Dropped the chain. Lose 2 spots. Don't even feel like riding hard to the finish.

So that summed up my day. I hope yours was better. And if not, I know the feeling. Onto Northbrook! - Tony


Anonymous said...

And I just had a flat to deal with. nice job staying in the game.

Anonymous said...

I love reading what others were thinking during the race. It helps to know that I'm not the only one thinking random stuff and giving myself pep talks the whole way through.

I've thought about chewing gum to avoid the dry mouth, but am worried I'll do something stupid like choke on it. :P