Sunday, March 29, 2009


SWEET, that’s how I can sum it up. In my opinion, it’s a grate venue to hold a crit race. It has great facilities, and a nice closed field. I will be doing any races held there.

Now to the breakdown of the Cat 5 Race. We started out with 47 riders, into a nice crosswind. The field seamed to be relatively calm for the most part. We did have some solo riders try and make a brake in the first few laps, but the field played it smart and let them go up the road a bit so they could die in the wind. With about 4 laps to go, I decided to accelerate into the wind on the back section of the course to see if anyone would come up. I did get 2 of the stronger riders in the field to come up, but I felt like we needed one more to make a legitimate run on the field. I talked to both guys and we agreed to sit up and wait on the field.

In the last lap I was still feeling pretty good, I was sitting mid pack trying to conserve my energy for the sprint. It was a smart Idea at the time, but it didn’t work out. I got pinned in on the back straightaway, and I couldn’t get out in enough time to keep the wheels of the front pack. Now I got stuck in No mans land by myself. I had a gap on the riders behind me, but I was unable to fight them off. One of the riders nipped me at the line taking 10th Pl. I had to settle for 11th. I look at it as just another valuable lesson learned.


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