Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Boy oh boy! What a couple of days of good weather can do for a rider! Good bye shoe covers, good bye long gloves (and along with that frozen toes and fingers)! Let the motivation begin! After riding too hard too early I've started to spin just a little more. What I mean by hard is just a little too much effort. From low 90's then to mid to upper 90's now. The left hip pain is gone. As for the heart rate thing, my personal opinion is with the type of riding I do in the streets with stop lights, it's OK to go into the 170's because waiting for a light your heart rate is going to go into the 120's . So you average a HR in the 140's. The power output thing and training regimens dont interest me for now. I don't have the time or money. Also that stuff sounds too much like work to me. My goal is never really to get better, if that happens so be it. It's more about staying physically fit and enjoying my "alone" time. The riding has been good. A little saddle adjustment and a pair of new Serfas sunglasses from Beverly Bike and Ski, our sponsor, is all I've changed for this season. Now all we have to do is avoid the pot holes. The weather is perfect being able to adjust between a long sleeve jersey and a wind proof heavier jersey. Sweating is kept to a minimum right now. Rides have been between 28 to 50 miles. So with all this being said I am looking forward to larger group rides and the season to come! If anybody would like to join us for some safety in numbers, you are more than welcome to drop us a line. Tony

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Anonymous said...

Hey...I might take you guys up on some rides this summer. It is sometimes difficult to find other riders south of the city.