Friday, May 15, 2009

Ramblings of a Mad Man

Matteson started up this week. It's nice to see old and familiar faces again. What a great training ground! I started going there 3 years ago now. After getting dropped for the first 3 weaks straight I got the hang of what to expect in race conditions. Last year I moved to the "A" group. Wow, can they ride fast!
Today me, Bob and Elvis went for a 35 mile ride in Indiana . The lite rain turned into just plan old rain about 5 miles in to the ride. Too late to turn back now. I always like the fealing of your feet getting progressively wetter until they are just drenched appendages on the bottom of your legs to further decrease your pedal stroke. Glasses were useless until me and Bob got either oil or gas in our eyes. Man, did that burn! The only thing good was there was little traffic, so you really didn't have to see where you were going anyways. Then half way into the ride, Bob decides to out power me. As I pulled around him and look back, POW, there goes my rear wheel. Even with a quick tire change, trying to warm up again when you are soaking wet takes a while. It's always a little hairy when you are going over holes in the ground that are filled with water that you really don't know how deep that hole is. With that being said, I blew out the rear tire again. What a great ride with a couple of other nuts! It's always nice to know you're not the only one around. Tony

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