Thursday, June 4, 2009


Seeing that I didn't go to any road races this year, I was looking forward to this one. Needless to say it eas a long 4 hours down there by myself. I also thought the race started 20 minutes later than it really did. I got to the start line with 5 minutes left, not even enough time to put on sunblock. My plan was to not make any moves on the first of two laps. But if anybody knows how I ride, I'm like the dog who's owner pretends to throw thow ball, I'll chase anything. Needless to say, this left me by myself from 8miles in to about 16miles when the pack cought me. I was mixing it up in the front until the second lap. That's when all hell broke loose. Wave after wave of attacks were going on . Of course I caught all of them except for the one that stuck. At turn number 12 of 24, me and another guy were going to break from the pack when he got loose in a sharp turn in front of me. This forced me off the road. I was able to navigate around a log to only get my front wheel stuck in the mud. With that my day was eccentually done. I did finish and I'd say I was approximately 5 minutes behind the pack. I Liked the course with it's technical turns, navigatable hills, and great course marshalling. This is a definite race for next year.

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Mike said...

Hey Tony, nothing like getting stuck in the mud, I know exactly what that feels like!

see you around this summer!

mike shea (spidermonkeys)