Sunday, July 19, 2009

IN. State TT

It was a bitter sweet race for me. The day started off good enough, I had a good warm up and I felt good at line. There was no wind to speak of, maybe a 3-5mph head wind for the 1st 20k.. In other words, a perfect day for a TT. I went off with a bang, riding at 26 to 27mph for the first 2mi., But I seamed a bit sluggish. I slowed down and could only manage to keep a 21.8avg for the first 20k. My heart was at an avg. rate of 177 at the turn. I’m thinking in my head that I need to lay it all on the line. So I really pushed hard, my legs were screaming and my heart was pounding. I was able to maintain a 23mph on the way back, but still I was confused. What the heck was wrong? I didn’t figure out the problem till I was off the bike. My daughter asked me, why is water bottle was so dirty? I looked at it and I was puzzled for a few sec. Then I looked at the front brake and I could see brake dust everywhere. I was bit upset at myself because I know better. Check your equipment stupid. I missed getting a medal by a 1min 33sec.. Still it’s all my fault, and I have no one blame but myself. The only good thing is I improved my time by 4min 25sec form last year.


40k 1:06:55

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