Monday, September 21, 2009


After finishing, that's how I felt. I was at my limit just after running through the sand on the first lap and did not come down until after the race was over. The limit you ask? How about an average of 190bpm. I have never run that high. I haven't been practicing cross and the first barrier I came to was the first barrier I came to of the year. I take that back the first barrier I came to I was already off my bike running, trying to advance places while people were still slowing down to dismount for the barrier. After that the field started to thin out. I have always liked spiral of death and it was a pleasent reminder of the course from last year. Again I ran over the timbers because of too many people on the first lap. The rest was elemental. More "mental" than anything. A couple of dumb mistakes that cost me spots. On the second lap I unclipped with the wrong foot attempting to dismount for a barrier. The other, on the first lap while I was running attempting to remount I threw my bike too far forward not landing on the saddle but catching my shorts on the back of it having to readjust to get back on. Not the worst mistakes but they hurt none the less. At least I didn't go down as is my penchant.
You could say there were too many people for the race. But what is the constructive sollution? Unfortunately at this time I cannot cat up because of family commitments earlier in the day or I probably would. Do I deserve to cat up is another story. I just hope nobody gets injured with so many riders out there.

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