Monday, November 16, 2009


If, I was faster, I would place better. If I had better handling skills, I would place better. If I would fall less, I would place better. All if's. Well this week The if's were kept to more of a minimum than usual.
I did my first masters 30 plus this week seeing as how the race was on Saturday. I liked the start. Not as hurried as the 4's. The start was definately more relaxed seeing as how I know I'm completely outclassed. Up the hill the first time after the double barriers I ran, passing a couple of people. The first time in the sand, I had good speed going into it and ended up slamming into the back of Joe Callo from Tati who was bogged down in front of me. Running and getting out of the second sand pit just killed my legs. The good thing is, it killed everybodies legs. After the turn onto the straightaway after the shouts of encouragement from Rhythm Racing, i was able to turn the gass on again. The mud pit didn't get me in this race, going wide only once and just touching a foot down a foot, nothing more. With my horrid bike handling skills, I was actually able to handle the back section fine. I was gunning for Joe who was two in front of me the whole race. He made a mistake in the mud pit on the last lap so I was able to pass him. I toyed with the guy in front of him too much and he blasted by me on the back half. I ended up coming in 31. Not too bad for my first 45 min race. My two goals for the race were not to get lapped and to beat my teamates. Done and done. Sorry guys, nothing personal, just a goal.
The 4A was my second race. As usual there was an early lineup. I was able to get into the second row. The thing that I noticed in comments earlier this year was " why do guys who usually come in less than 30 place clog the front?" It's on the hope that THIS race will be our break out race. All of our shortcomings won't rear their head and we wil actually surpass our mediocrity. And that's the way it is for all of us who don't do good week after week. The race was pretty much a repeat of the previous one, until the mud pit got me. It was my only large gaff of the day surprisingly. There were 4 riders in single file going through right hand side of the mud. Here's me thinking I can get around them by going straight through. Almost half way I knew I didn't have the momentum to take me through.Soin my attempt to dismount,while I was in the process of swinging my leg over, the front wheel hit the lip of the sinkhole, sending me right on my butt. Even with that I ended up 32nd. This was my second best placement of the year.
Little steps, little steps.
I would also like to thank everybody for their shouts of encouragement and the occasional "Go geisha!"


Ray said...

it's showing up that REALLY matters. Not that I'm any good at that LOL

Carlos Flanders said...

No riders from my favorite team at Montrose? Missed you guys. What's up?