Sunday, June 5, 2011

Eagle Creek Crit Cat 4/5

I went down to Indianapolis this weekend to race what looked to be a good race.  I was right, it was a well run race put on by a group called Planet Adventure, It was held in Eagle Creek State Park. They were well organized and prompt. This race will be on the calendar for next year.

Now to the race, I arrived early enough to get warmed up and not be rushed. All is going well, the officials tell us to take a warm up lap and then line up. I get a good spot on the line when I remember that I forgot to put on my timing chip, big mistake. I bolt off and get it on as quick as I can, but now I’m sitting on the last row.  Ok, that’s cool I just have to work my way up in the field. This is my last test to check my fitness after the surgery, so I figure no it’s big deal. We start off as usual the field hammers it for the first 3 laps then shuts it down. By this time I have worked my way to the front so I decide to take a flier.  I stay off the front for a lap before the pack pulls me back. I did this like 5 times in the 1 hour race. On one of the fliers I thought the pack was going to let me go, but they dragged me back after a few laps. That’s when I heard over the PA, 5 laps to go. I decide to sit in and gain my composure to get ready to sprint. On the last lap I was sitting around 10th, mistake number 2. I need to stay in the top 5.  Anyway the acceleration came and I was boxed in.  I had to come all the way around the other side of the field to get 6th place.  All in all it was a good day. The legs and lungs are working fine, plus no pain from the surgery area. Now I just need to race smart save my energy and be sitting in the top 3-5 going into the sprint. If I can do that I have a good chance to pull one off for the team.

Bob Murray

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