Monday, July 11, 2011

Super Week, Day 1 Geneva Master’s 4/5

The race didn’t start the way I was hoping it would have, I was lined up in the back dead last. I knew that passing was going to be hard. The course was tight for the last 3rd of the lap do to the 4 turns, so there would be no way to pass without taking risks in that section.  You would have to do it on the false flat after turn 1 or on the back side after turn 2.  Well it took 6 laps for me to work my way to the front, and usually I would be gassed by this time from all the work I just did. Today was different I felt really good so I went to the front and started doing a lot of work. I kept taking long pulls along with Patrick Meyer Nick Venice and Arron Hampton. We kept this up for the next 10 laps. Now were sitting with 5 to go when Sully comes up next to me and tells me I’m doing too much work, I gave him the OK and he drifted back a few places in the pack. Now was the time to just sit in, we had covered all the brakes and I’m sitting 2nd or 3rd wheel. That’s when there was a big attack. With one rider 5seconds ahead, Pat comes to the front and just drills it with 3 laps to go. Pat was racing like a madman chasing down the single rider and dropping me off with one lap to go sitting second wheel behind Patrick Meyer. Patrick had no choice but to keep pushing or the pack would have engulfed us. If we could make it to the last 3rd of the lap I knew I had a chance. We made into the tight section with me still holding 2nd, Now it was time to look for the big move, or come out of the last turn and just give everything that I had. We came in and all I saw was daylight, so I just pushed on the peddles as hard as I could. I was in shock when the line was coming and no one was passing me. I raised my arms up and let out a yell. Sorry for that, but it’s been a hard year for me and I have worked so hard, Spending a lot of time away from the family training. Thank you Charleen and Amber.  

I owe this win to Pat Sullivan, for giving up his chance at a really good finish, so I could have a chance for the win.

Bob Murray   

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