Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Off" Season?!?!

Well, as I write this, I am enjoying (believe it or not) NOT doing CX workouts in Dan Ryan Woods. I just completed my longest run in about three years yesterday (8.1 miles near Swallow Cliff). AND the assorted mix of seasonal harvest ales never tasted so good at the side of a fire in 58 degree weather. But, alas, I do miss my bike. There really is no off season when you ride for the blue flash that is Beverly Bike/Vee-Pak.

By this time years past, I was happy to ditch the 23c wheels for watching Sox games, running a few days here and there after school, and chasing my dog for a bath after she was sprayed by a skunk. But, and I hate to admit it after riding almost seven days a week from December 'til mid July: I do miss my bike.

Especially now that the leaves are falling on the ground and your wheels make that trademarked CRUNCH sound that almost resembles a big wheel of years ago. Especially now that the wind is really ramping up, and I do enjoy a tailwind almost as much as a headwind. Especially now that I can get on the saddle and hammer out as many miles as I want without feeling too sore the following day. Especially now that one of the most anticipated times of the year is upon us (or so I'm told): Cyclocross season! Especially now that "wind chill" is more often thought of than "heat index." Especially now that it doesn't seem like a job.

Yeah, riding so much and racing so much can get a podium dreamer toasted more than a broken broiler (or something like that). But what I think I'm trying to say is that while I do miss throwing my right leg over the top tube, I do miss riding with the Wackos of Western that make up the BBVP team. The best I can do at this point induce temporary hearing loss with a cowbell at the weekend CX races so my teammates know how much I appreciate their efforts this late in season, and how thrilled I am that it's not me suffering through a sand volleyball pit, 23% inclines, mud puddles, etc... Enjoy this time of year, boys, until the next "off" season!


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