Saturday, December 24, 2011

ANOTHER Year in Review?!?!

As I sit here on Christmas Eve in front of the fire with the whole house asleep, I think about how slow I was on today's two hour jaunt in 36 degree weather. Ah, to go back to those days in July... Alas, I am thinking back to some of my favorite things in 2011, my first with BBVP...

Seguin's voice in my head saying, "DON'T LOSE THAT WHEEL!" as I begin the last three laps of any crit.

Michigan Mike kicking @$$ this year on a borrowed bike.

The beautiful paint schemes on Rich's bikes.

Tom's meticulous record keeping and laid-back demeanor.

The Frankfort Flash joining up with us for 2012.

The two Pauls' undying support.

Bob's dedication to the team to make 2012 the best year for BBVP.

Getting killed in the A Races at Matteson, but the fact that I am now racing the A Races.

Tony always attacking second on the climbs on the Saturday rides.

Me actually thinking I can attack Tony first and keep away.

BBVP organizing and controlling SuperWeek races better than the "big" teams.

Crashing at Sherman Park, but not breaking my collar bone (like the guy I hit who went down in front of me).

Knowing that the guys on BBVP will still be my peeps after I get rid of my racing bug.

Happy New Year, and good luck to all in 2012!!!


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