Friday, March 2, 2012

From the Archives: Tour of the Bahamas

I've been lucky that cycling has taken me to some interesting places.  I looked at my photo file this week, and realized I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the last eight (!) years of racing.  Before the season gets into gear I might as well share some of them.  I'll start with the best one.  Back in February of 2006, I really lucked out and got to go to the Tour of the Bahamas.  It's hard to believe it was six years ago...

 That's my college teammate during our spin into Nassau.
 Some guys selling seashells down by the docks

 This is us packing up after the final stage.  That's (part of) me on the left.  My college teammate Taylor is on the right, and my roommate for the race is in the middle.  That's TeeJay, who made the jump to Europe and got in the climber's jersey in the Tour de France last year.
At the end of the race, the locals helped out with some bike transpo.

I'll post some more stuff like this next week.

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