Saturday, October 4, 2008

Choose Your Weapon

Overkill or Preparedness? Call it what you may, but personally and as a team we are leaving nothing to chance this 'cross season. I myself am bringing no less than four sets of wheels and a pit bike to each race. As a team we will probably have enough spare parts to build a bike at each venue.

Cyclocross certainly takes its toll on both man and machinery. Since Jackson Park we have gone through 3 chains, one front wheel, and a seat post. And most of that has just been during practices, without any crash induced damage. Therefore, we have vowed to have extra chains, seatposts, wheels, cassettes, binder bolts, etc., etc available to us to ensure our race doesn't end prematurely. There were even rumors of a mechanic coming to support us each race. How PRO would that be?

I might even take a cue from Paulo and bring an extra pair of shorts along. 'Cross is too much fun to have to stand by on the sidelines as the race goes on without you. Why let a mechanical get in the way when a little foresight and planning can save your race. When every race counts and points are on the line, a little preparation goes a long way. Call it obsessive, or call it ready. The choice is yours.

By the way from left to right: Michelin Mud 700x30, Maxxis Larsen MiMo 700x35, Tufo T-30 PRO 700x30, Vittoria EVO XN 700x32. Damn, we need a tire sponsor! Any takers?

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joeyTWOwheels said...

I saw Paolo's race bike yesterday, and if I hadn't ordered some Michelin Muds for a tubeless conversion, I'd consider ordering tubies. Such low pressure.

That Tufo was always squirrely in corners for me.

Race hard!