Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jackson Park Official Results

After a short delay in processing the results correctly for the Jackson Park event of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series held on September 21st the official results have been posted. Much appreciation and thanks go out to Greg and xXx Racing for hosting what has become a great kick off to the series.

Our official results are as follows:

Mens 4A
Damon Nelson 22nd
Elvis Falbo 26th
Jim Jacobs 37th

Mens 4B
Jorge Cerritos 18th
Sergio Moreno 37th
Bob Murray 43rd

After this first race Damon, Elvis and Jorge are now on the board with points in the series. The race this weekend in DeKalb looks to be a technical course which may favor the finesse riders and not the pure power riders. With the race being a good distance away, make sure you check out the Ride Board over at CBR for possible carpools, this is a great tool that looks like it is a bit slow gaining momentum.

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Anonymous said...

nice results guys.