Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sherman Park

I wanted that I pod! More on that later. The first race for me was the strait cat 4. Of course it started to rain while we were getting our instructions. The tempo was fast, but nothing unsustainable. I wanted to stay in the pack and not go off the front. Every attack was quickly reeled back in. I did notice a good amount of flats going on around me. Then I got one on the back of the course. Luckily Jorge brought his wheels and I was underway again. With three laps left, Mike Seguin's tire goes down. Second to last lap is when I and about 9 other guys hit pavement. The riders not directly in front of me but in front of them got together and it looked like they bumped. I was toward the outer guy. He veered to his right in front of me going down. Now here is the funny thing. He skidded across the pavement further than his bike did. Needless to say I avoided the bike, but hit him. It looked like there was some pretty banged up guys and bikes out there. Quote of the day "Skin heals, bikes cost money." Thanks Bob.
I got some bandages on me and froze waiting for the masters 4-5. We had a good turnout with myself, Bob, Elvis, Jorge and Sergio. The pace was tamer in this race and it felt like we worked good together. I think everybody on the team attempted a flier. There are definately some bugs we need to work out but any team tactics are better than none at all. Elvis was happy with his preem and I was nipped at the line for the i-pod preem with one to go. Needless to say the preem took a little steam out of the legs for the finish (I rhymed).
Funniest thing I saw-the guy with the foaming ass in the masters race. It was frothing so bad he was actually driping foam for the whole race. Note to wives when washing cycling cloths-a second rinse helps.
I would like to thank my son Alex who is 8 for sticking it out with me today. Thank goodness I packed an umbrella and a rainproof coat for him. The pictures you see are the ones he took. He rode in the childrens race coming in second to a 9 year old. It was nice to hear from an X'er that the kids race was his highlite of the day. Thanks guys.

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