Monday, June 8, 2009

Winfield Part 2

This was my second year of doing this race. I like the triple stack hill but it seemed as if the pavement was worse than last year. Nothing too serious, we ride in the city! This to me personally is one of the better venues. Seeing as I have a family, there is something for everybody here to keep them occupied. Now for the race. It started out fast as all the races seem to do. With 2 laps in there was a preem. Mike Seguin from XXX sprints out. So there's me with that stupid Pavlovian response, so out I go. This is when my brain actually worked and I slowed to bet back in with the pack. If you can get into a rhytm with this course it is makes for an easier race , but when you have other riders around you, you definately have to work harder to make up for their inconsistencies. It was close to an all out effort for the first 26 minutes of the race. With three to go everybody was jockying for position, trying to conserve energy. I felt like I was in a good position going up the hill for the last time knowing that I didn't have much left for the finish. Coming around turn 4 I did something I don't do at all. I got in the drops and stood up for the sprint. This felt awkward but proved effective enough as I clipped a guy at the finish line coming in 12th. Congratualtions to the people in front of me, you deserved the placings you got.

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ben said...

It always feels great to leave everything on the course. The best way to finish.